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Point of Sale Systems That Make Your Life Easy

Wall Street Processing is proud to offer easy to use, all-in-one point of sale systems. It is incredibly important to make sure your sales process is as seamless as possible. Between our POS systems and software, we can help you save time and money while delivering maximum value to your business. You can utilize our POS systems in most industries and you aren’t limited to retail stores or restaurants. We operate in Houston, Texas, but are willing to travel to accomodate your needs. Feel free to contact us today.

All-in-One POS System

POS Tablets for On-The Go Service

If you want to service your customers on-the-go, our Quest Tablet is a great solution to do just that. Watch the video to learn more about it and how it can be a great fit for your business!


While there are many benefits to using our POS systems, here a few key reasons.

Affordable Solutions

Our POS systems are affordable and we are willing to work with your budget. We don't want the cost to keep you from choosing us to work with you. Luckily, we offer plans where you can pay us back over time.

Completely Customizable

Wall Street Processing can customize our hardware and software to fit your exact needs. Do you already have your own hardware? We can install our software and make it work.

Fully Featured

We ensure our POS systems and software has everything you need and more. While our software is easy to use, it addresses everything a business needs to maximize profits and revenue.

All-in-One Point of Sale Systems

Touch Display

Handle all your transactions at the tips of your fingers with our point of sale displays.

Integrated Card Reader

Accept credit, debit, and gift cards while having a seamless integration with your sales software.

Suitable for All

Our POS systems can be used in a wide range of industries, not just retail or restaurants.

All-in-One POS System
Restaurant Pro Express

Industry Leading Software


pcAmerica makes inventory tracking automatic so you can make informed business decisions about what you stock based on sales and profitability.

Customer Management

Understand your customer's needs and make sure they keep coming back to your store or business.


Our software is designed to generate the POS reports you need in an actionable format that highlights the most vital data on sales, costs, inventory, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions our customers most frequently ask. Have a question that isn’t answered below? Feel free to contact us here.

Yes! We are more than willing to install our systems at retail or restaurant chains.

Yes! We can upload your entire menu or product listing into the software. Please inform us beforehand regarding how many different products and services you offer so we can get an accurate estimate for you.

Once the hardware and software is installed, we will train you and your employees on how to use everything. We also offer technical support in the event you need more help.

You have the ability to turn your cash register into a workhorse that not only processes purchases but also enables employee time clock and labor scheduling. Plus, our software has the reporting and analytics that help monitor employee performance and make smart scheduling decisions.

Our software is your first line of defense against retail shrinkage and theft. For your peace of mind, this retail point of sale software comes standard with multiple retail theft prevention and employee accountability elements. You have the ability to restrict access to discounts, price changes and voids based on an employee’s unique login ID. There are also strict cash controls that give you visibility into discrepancies by shift or individual cashier. For added security, a security camera can be integrated into your POS too.

Wall Street Processing offers technical support in the event you need help with our POS systems or software. Feel free to contact us at (281) 851 – 9553.

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